Washington University in St. Louis has several reporting options and resources that are managed by offices across the university.

The information below is intended to provide helpful information to resources across the university. This is not an all-inclusive list, but is meant to assist in identifying the type of issue or reporting resource that matches the concern.

Reporting options and resources on this page:
> Immediate Safety Concerns
> Environmental Health and Safety Concerns
> Washington University Hotline
> Patient Matters
> Protected Health Information
> Physicians Directory
> Student Matters
> Information Security Incidents
> Gender Equity and Title IX
> Ombuds Offices
> Conflicts of Interest
> Additional Contacts
> Area-Specific Compliance Offices

Report concerns to your supervisor or department unit head

The university strongly encourages members to report concerns to their immediate supervisor or department unit head, as appropriate. Routine discussion with one’s supervisor or the department unit head is the preferred method for resolution.

Immediate Safety Concerns

Immediate or emergency safety concerns should be reported to the following:

  • Washington University Police Department: 314-935-5555
  • School of Medicine Protective Services: 314-362-HELP (314-362-4357)

Refer to the links below for additional information.

Environmental Health and Safety Concerns

To report non-immediate safety concerns, complete the Environmental Health and Safety form at the below link. Reporters have the option to report anonymously or they can provide their contact information.

Washington University Reporting Hotline

Washington University has established a hotline as a means to confidentially and anonymously report on select concerns or suspected violations of university polices. The hotline is administered by an independent company (NAVEX Global) that has been contracted by Washington University.

The hotline is a resource for reporting concerns when speaking with a supervisor or other resource is not considered to be a comfortable or viable option. When submitting a report, you may remain anonymous or you may choose to identify yourself and provide contact information so Washington University can reach out to you if additional details are needed.

The hotline is NOT a 911 or Emergency Service: Do not use the hotline site to report events presenting an immediate threat to life or property.

The hotline allows to report the following concerns:

  • Workplace Environment Concerns: Discrimination/Harassment; Abusive Conduct/Bullying; Workplace Misconduct; School of Medicine Learner Mistreatment
  • Financial Concerns: Financial Mismanagement; Financial Fraud; Financial Theft
  • Research Concerns: Research-Grant Mismanagement; Research-Animal/Human Testing Concerns; Research-Scientific Misconduct

Patient Matters

Report patient concerns and matters by calling 314-867-3627 or completing the online form at the link below.

Protected Health Information

Reports of suspected loss of Protected Health Information (PHI), misdirected documents containing PHI, or impermissible access/disclosure of PHI should be directed to the HIPAA Privacy Office or through the Incident Reporting Tool.

Physicians Directory

Washington University Physicians, the multispecialty group practice of the School of Medicine, is one of the largest academic clinical practices in the nation. Click below to visit the physician’s directory for Washington University Physicians.

Student Matters

Report student-related concerns or questions through the student feedback form. Reporters have the option to report anonymously or they can provide their contact information.

Report potential student conduct incidents online to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards.   

Report incidents of bias, prejudice, or discrimination involving a student through the Bias Report and Support System (BRSS). The BRSS team follows up on reported incidents if the reporting student provides their contact information and indicates that they wish to be contacted. Reports can also be made anonymously.

Report a bias incident that does not involve a student to the Office of Human Resources.

Report concerns regarding the mistreatment or unprofessional behavior in the learning environment at the School of Medicine through the SAFE Reporting site below. Reports can be made anonymously.

For information regarding transcripts, enrollment verification or degree verification, contact the Office of the University Registrar.

Information Security Incidents

Contact the Information Security Office at 314-747-2955 if you suspect a security incident has occurred. Reports can also be submitted through the links below.

Gender Equity and Title IX

The Gender Equity and Title IX Office is a resource for the Washington University community seeking support or addressing gender-based discrimination through a formal or informal complaint procedure.

Ombuds Offices

The Offices of the Ombuds serve as confidential, independent and impartial resources that offer assistance in the informal resolution of university-related conflicts and advocate for fair treatment and process. Washington University has three separate ombuds offices dedicated to faculty, staff, postdoctoral appointees, and medical and Graduate School students.

Conflicts of Interest (COI)

Washington University has policies and programs to ensure financial activity and external professional activities do not compromise or appear to compromise the objectivity and integrity of education, research, and clinical care at the university. Refer to the links below for additional information.

Additional Contact Information

Refer to the link below for additional information.

Still Not Sure Where to Report?

Direct questions to the responsible Area-Specific Compliance Office (ASCO) if you are unsure where to report.